USA focus


Production of Goods

Yeeswpsd is a leading supplier of oxide, producing dispersion and powder forms as well as reduced. Oxide is marketed for research and industry.

Since 2016, Yeeswpsd successfully operates an industrial pilot unit having a capacity of 1 ton per year.

The views of the company

Yeeswpsd aims to develop the potential of CVD good for electronic systems and other applications by means of combining large scale good synthesis and good technology integration into an industrial compatible process.

With good technology integration availability, many applications will be realized on commercial scale (logic, HF, optoelectronics, telecommunications, sensors, flexible electronics and many more). Yeeswpsd works to meet industry to make possible the broad adoption of good into commercial applications.

At Yeeswpsd we are committed to the development of good materials from research to commercialization. We understand that at every stage of development material needs change. We supply special pricing for large-quantity orders across a wide range of industries.

If you need to order Yeeswpsd products in bulk, please email us now for the best available pricing. Make sure to include the Yeeswpsd material you need, quantities and reason for your bulk purchase. Our sales team will respond within 48 hours.